How to Get Paint off Car Windows and Windshield | Step-by-Step Guide

Painting on the car windows is not just about decorating. A unique design or text at the back of the car window gives an individual identity to a simple car. It can be a logo, cool message, sign, etc. People also decorate the window with vibrant colors.

Painting on the car windows is not a permanent thing. Sometimes people use it for special events, or they like to go with the flow of trends. Though as much as it sounds fun, often it becomes painful when you want to take off paint from car.

Moreover, there are two types of car window paint. There is water-based and oil-based paint. Hence, considering the type of paint, the user needs to use the accurate window paint remover to do the job perfectly. Then, it’s also important to know how to remove paint from car windows and windshield.

So, if you are here to learn how to get car paint off windows and windshield, follow the below steps to get rid of them easily.

How to Remove Paint from Windows?

Certainly, painting with a spray gun is too much fun. But, there is always a risk for overspray or making mistakes. Even if you do so, you need to grab the below items and remove spray paint from car window.

Tools Required:

  • Clean and dry towels
  • Paint dispenser and paint removing razor
  • Hand broom and dustpan
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray can of WD40 and acetone for oil-based paint
  • Water-based liquid detergent for water-based paint

Follow these simple steps to remove paint from your car windows.

Step 1: Determine the car window paint

First of all, you need to determine if the window paint is oil-based or water-based. This will make your process much easier.

Step 2: Scrape off the debris

Next, wear a pair of rubber gloves and take the paint-removing razor. Use it to scrape off the excess paint. As you do, remove the debris. Don’t worry; it will not remove the paint totally.

Step 3: Clean up the window paint

To clean the window, you need to take the car window paint removal solution. Mix warm water with water-based detergent and apply it to remove water-based car window paint. If the paint is oil-based, you can choose an oil-based solution such as acetone or WD 40.

Here is the method with WD 40:

To remove window car paint, get the car outside or in a ventilated area

Then, use a clean and dry cotton towel and coat the paint lightly with WD40. Please keep it in this for about 10 to 20 minutes.

After that, clean the area with warm water and a water-based detergent solution mixture. Repeat the process if needed.

Here is the method with Acetone:

First, clean the painted area thoroughly with warm water and a water-based detergent solution mixture. It will help you clean the dirt and grime.

Then, using a clean towel, apply a generous amount of acetone to the window. Immediately, the paint will come off.

Step 4: Wash the Window

As removing the paint is complete, you will notice some debris and residue. Hence, to clean it properly, like fresh and new, you need to wash the window with water-based liquid detergent thoroughly.

Additional tips:

  • For removing paint, you can use thinner, acetone, mineral spirits, or methyl ethyl ketone.
  • Do not use too much solvent at once.
  • Always remove thinner with a wet rug.
  • For scraping off the paint, use a retractable safety scraper or razor.

How to Get Paint Off Car Windshield

Getting paint on the windshield can cause vision problems while driving. It also increases the risk of accidents. Though there are automotive repair shops where you can get the paint removed, following the below steps you can do it on your own.

Now let’s remove the paint from the car windshield.

Tools required:

The process is quite similar. To remove paint from the windshield, you will need a pair of gloves, a towel, a plastic razor, a common razor blade, and a glass cleaner.

Step 1:  Wear the protective glass

First of all, wear protective rubber gloves to save your hands from unwanted cuts.

Step 2: Remove the Paint

The windshield can get scratches, paint overspray, bugs, decals, and so on. Here I will share the tips and steps on how to remove them.

Windshield tint: To remove the windshield tint, you can use a heat gun. Run on the heat gun at high speed and apply it about two inches away from the glass. It will help loosen the adhesives from the windshield. After a while, you will notice the peeling is coming off. Then, use a clean rug to clean up the tint.

Removing decals and stickers: Soak the decal and sticker in soapy water. Then, get a plastic scraper to remove them gently. Avoid using a razor blade as it can scratch the windshield.

Remove tree sap, bug, and acid rain stains: Tree saps are difficult to remove if you have already smeared them by the wipers. To remove such hard stains, you can use rubbing alcohol or bug-removing products. Get a gentle amount of it on a clean rag and apply it to the sap.

After a while, rubbing the spot with a rag will remove it. For acid rain stain, get a solution, or you can use vinegar with water. Spray the solution on a paper towel and wipe the glass with it.


Though the steps of removing paint from car windows and window shields may seem troublesome, it’s actually quite easy once you do it. The process takes less time, and there is also a DIY solution for it. So, painting the car window and removing it will not seem difficult anymore.

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