How to Remove Glue From Car Without Damaging Paint

A car is not just a comfortable vehicle. Rather, it’s a precious asset to the owner who takes care of it like his own child. Therefore, when this car gets a simple scratch, stain, or dirt, it’s really heartbreaking. One such damage can happen in a car when the paint gets deteriorated with stubborn super glue.

The worst thing about super glue is, that it isn’t sticky like other adhesives. But, once it comes in contact with the car paint, it will harden the paint and make it difficult to remove. You might think of using acetone, yet it has a risk of removing the expensive paint from the car. So, along with superglue, if you are wondering how to remove glue from a car without damaging paint, here I am for your rescue!

How to Remove Glue From Car Without Damaging Paint

Getting sticky adhesives to stubborn super glue, and any damage to the car paint is unacceptable. No matter how big or small the damaged area is, it impacts the car’s appearance. No amount of wiping can completely remove the adhesives or the residue. Hence, follow the below guidelines to remove glue from car paint.

As you already know, super glue is the hardest adhesive to remove from car paint. Here are the things and methods on how to remove them.

DIY method of how to get super glue off car paint

Things you will need: 

For this process, you will need water, a rag, dish soap, and hand cream. You can also use acetone or super glue remover.

Then, follow the below steps to remove the glue.

Step one: Soaking the area

First of all, take a soft rag and warm water. Then, soak a rag in warm water and apply it to the glued area. Keep the area wet for a while.

Step two: Removing the glue

The glue will come off eventually. If the glue doesn’t remove properly, you can also mix hand cream and dishwashing soap. It will help separate the glue from the paint, and the paint won’t be damaged.

You can also use a super glue remover or acetone-based remover for this job. But, you need to be mindful about the amount you apply. Hence, take a small amount on a piece of cloth and wipe the area until the glue gets removed.

Step three: Repaint the surface

Somehow if paint gets removed while removing the glue, don’t worry. You can repaint the surface. Make sure to use the same paint. Firstly, coat the area with primer three times. Then, apply two coats of paint. And, finally to make the paint long-lasting, apply three coats of color-protecting solution.

Step four: Wash the car thoroughly

After repainting the car is complete, you should wash the car thoroughly. Wash and clean dry. Then, apply a coat of wax for polishing the newly painted area. Use a soft cloth and rub the spot, and you will get an even layer of paint throughout the car exterior.

You can follow this process to remove gorilla glue from car paint as well.

How to Remove Adhesive from Car Paint

Apart from superglue, removing any adhesives from car paint gives a headache. If you are also feeling the pressure to remove sticky residue from car paint from decals, stickers, glue, or duct tape, here is a simple method for you. Trust me, follow the below steps, and you will find it super easy with regular items.

Removing adhesive from paint using a hairdryer:

For this method, you will need a hairdryer, scraper, soap, and water, a towel.

Step 1: Soak the area with soap and water

First of all, soak the sticky area with soapy water. The purpose of this step is to remove the dirt and debris first. Then, rinse the area thoroughly with fresh water.

Step 2: Dry the area

After cleaning, you can let it air dry or use a dry towel to make the process faster.

Step 3: Use a hair dryer

To remove glue or sticky adhesives, use a hairdryer to warm up the area. It will make the glue residue softer and easy to remove. Hence, put the hairdryer on the highest setting and blow the wind back and forth over the adhesive. Continue doing it until the adhesive is soft. It might take several minutes.

Step 4: Scrap off the glue

For scraping off the adhesive, you can use a plastic scraper or credit card. When the glue is warm, use the card or scraper at a 45-degree angle. Slide it down the glue until it comes off. If you notice scratches, it’s due to the debris. Clean the area with water and do the process again. You may need to reheat several times to remove the adhesive completely.

Step 5: Wash and wax

After the adhesive is removed, wash the area with car washing soap and water. Let it air dry. Then, apply a clear coat of wax and allow it to dry. Then, buff the area with a soft cloth.

Professional tips for protecting car paint

➤ Always apply a small amount of superglue remover or acetone to the damaged spot.

➤ Refrain from sitting acetone or remover for long. It will remove the car paint.

➤ Use a soft cloth to remove the glue.

➤ Be careful if you decide to use a heat gun to remove adhesive. It may overheat the car paint.

➤ Refrain from using a razor blade for removing adhesive.


See how easy it is to remove stubborn super glue to stick adhesives. Now, you can remove glue from car paint using simple household items. So, follow the above-mentioned guidelines and professional tips not only to remove the paint but also to protect it from further damage.

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