10 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers for Faster Painting Job

When you are searching for the best cordless paint sprayer, your brain can easily get messed up. It's truly a tough job to choose the right cordless paint sprayers, especially battery powered spray guns amongst thousands.  First of all, you need to have prior knowledge about these guns and then pay attention to certain aspects to understand the quality and performance.

Sounds hectic, isn't it? I know it's a time consuming job; hence I have done the hard work for you. After intensive research, I have chosen 10 of the best battery powered paint sprayers for you to review. Only that? I am also incorporating the key factors that you must look for while choosing the perfect battery operated spray gun for your job.

Here we go!

What Is a Cordless Paint Sprayer and Why Do You Need It?

Though you may know what cordless paint sprayers are, I would still like to highlight some of the key information and reiterate why it's essential to have one.

Just as the name suggests, a cordless paint gun is a battery powered paint gun. Meaning, you don't need to look for a power outlet to operate this sprayer. While the battery is fully charged, you can easily take this lightweight and portable spray gun to the workplace.

Just for these aspects, cordless paint guns are extremely popular these days. Even though they are rechargeable paint sprayer, the battery is powerful enough to paint large surfaces. Hence, you don't need to worry about the power source or change to another spray gun to reach tight spots.

Since the sprayers are handy, you can easily apply the paint to the spot where needed. Moreover, these cordless spray painters are time saving, convenient, and help complete the painting job in less time. Besides, you can use the spray gun for indoor and outdoor projects.

Whether the surface is uneven or unprepared, this spray gun can bring a satisfactory finish on all types of surfaces. You just need to choose a cordless paint sprayer with sufficient battery power. Then, to use the paint sprayer, fill the canister with paint, set aim at the target spot, and press the trigger.

The sprayer will paint the surface evenly and efficiently. You can also use the gun on small to large surfaces, ensuring a perfect finish. Due to performance and easy portability, cordless paint spray guns are very popular among professional painters. 

Besides painting, you can also use the sprayer for varnish, single coat, heavy coat, etc. Without a doubt, it's an effortless, time saving painting solution. So, if you are also fond of painting or your own DIY project, then you can make the painting job much easier and get a professional finish with a battery paint spray gun.

Comparisons of 10 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers

Are you in a rush? And don't have the time to read all the products description? No worries. You can pick your desired Best Cordless Paint Sprayer from the following table. I've made it look short and easier for your convenience.




Battery Life



# 1
Graco Ultra 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer 17M363

1 Hour

1 Quart
# 2
Graco Ultra Max 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer
1 Hour

1 Quart

# 3
Neu Master 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer
Neu Master

20 Min

0.95 Quart

# 4
Sun Joe 24v Battery Operated Paint Sprayer
Sun Joe

20 Min

1 Quart
# 5
Seesii 21v Cordless Paint Sprayer

30 Min

0.84 Quart

# 6
Letheli 20v cordless paint sprayer gun

20 Min

1.06 Quart
# 7
Lingyue 18v Cordless Spray Gun

25 Min

0.84 Quart

# 8
WANGMI Electric Cordless Paint Sprayers

1.5 Hours

1.26 Quart

# 9
ETOOLAB HVLP Cordless Paint Sprayer

35 Min

1.47 Quart


MYTOP 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer


12 Min

0.85 Quart

10 Best Cordless Paint Sprayer Reviews 

Before I guide you towards the cordless spray gun, remember that it's important to focus on the buying guide to qualify the quality of the painting tool. Because choosing 10 of the best paint guns was a challenging job. Spending a complete 52 hours reading through the reviews and analyzing the features, finally, I could shortlist some of the top quality ones that can support your project.

Therefore, in this review, I am going to present the strengths and drawbacks of each of the air guns. Then, choose the right one that is not only beneficial for you but also meets the requirements of your project.

1. Graco Ultra 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer 17M363 - Editor's Choice

To begin with, the first painting tool, let me introduce you to the best cordless airless paint sprayer from Graco. It's handy and super quick to do any small painting job on the go. Also, it's capable of containing paint with any thickness.

It means you don't need to use any thinner to prepare the paint beforehand. Another significant feature of this spray gun is it's ready to paint immediately. The specialty of this spray gun is the triax triple piston pump with Proconnect.

Graco Ultra 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer 17M363

Due to this feature, you can have full control over the motor speed. Moreover, the gun comes with RAC Felp spray tips so that you can spray the paint at any angle. It also ensures a smooth and flawless finish in seconds.

Besides these extensive features, this spray gun is easy to use, repair, and maintain. Though it's an airless spray gun for medium range projects, it's easily portable to any outdoor work.

Key Features 

  • Uses RAC X FFLP Spray Tips.
  • Contains DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System.
  • Features Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect.

What I liked 

  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use and repair.
  • It comes with a storage case.
  • Ensures smooth finish without thinning.

What I did not like 

  • Not suitable for large projects.

2. Graco Ultra Max 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer - Best Choice

Here is another wireless paint sprayer from Graco. This sprayer is a complete package, so you don't need any additional accessories to begin the painting job. Just like the previous one, you can work with any type of paint with the spray gun right away.

The aspect that distinguishes this spray gun from others is that it's capable of withstanding flammable solution. Meaning, you can comfortably work with solvent based material as well. Solely for this individual reason, this spray gun has been so popular among professionals to DIYers.

Graco Ultra Max 20v Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Then, you can easily repair the spray gun if needed. All parts are available and at a budget price. Moreover, with the RAC X FELP spray tip, you can apply paint at any angle you need. Furthermore, with the ProControl II, you can also keep the pressure in check to ensure a flawless finish.

In a nutshell, this spray gun has all the features and qualities to ensure a consistent, even, and flawless paint finish regardless of the surface.

Key Features 

  • Uses RAC X FFLP Spray Tips.
  • Features DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System.
  • Includes Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect.
  • Sprays Water, Solvent, and Flammable Based Materials.

What I liked 

  • Easily portable.
  • Durable construction.
  • It comes with FlexLiner cups and a storage case.
  • Suitable to work with water, solvent, and flame based material.

What I did not like 

  • Not suitable for large coverage.

3. Neu Master 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer - Best Budget

For the third battery operated paint sprayer, I am introducing you to this cordless paint sprayer from Neu Master. If you are looking for a multipurpose paint sprayer for painting walls, cabinets, ceiling, etc., then this gun can be the right fit for you. It's an HVLP spray gun that has some outstanding features you must check.

First of all, the three spray patterns and adjustable valve control make it a versatile paint gun. You can comfortably use this gun for a large surface to a small area where you need precise application. Additionally, the package includes three nozzles so that you can use the gun to fulfill your different requirements.

Neu Master 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer

Then, the spray gun comes with a 2.0 AH powerful battery and a 900 ML paint container. It can cover about 54 sq. ft. with one fill. Isn't it amazing? The capacity and battery life make a great combination that you can use this spray gun for indoor to outdoor projects without any worries.

Furthermore, this spray gun is comfortable and user-friendly, and you can easily assemble it without any professional assistance. It's also a highly efficient spray gun that you can use for commercial purposes.

Key Features 

  • It contains 2.0 AH battery.
  • Includes 900 ML paint cup.
  • It comes with three 2.0/2.5/3.0 mm nozzles.

What I liked 

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Flexible and user friendly.
  • Easy to assemble and clean up.
  • Easy to replace parts if needed.
  • Features adjustable setting for power, flow, pattern, and direction.

What I did not like 

  • Price is a bit high.

4. Sun Joe 24v Battery Operated Paint Sprayer - Best Deal

Sun Joe is a renowned brand for designing and manufacturing innovative painting and home improvement tools. Among their product list, this pro quality 24 Volt HVLP gun has been so popular among professional painters. One of the crucial aspects of this paint gun is it will actually minimize overspray while ensuring a smooth finish.

Compared to how efficient this spray gun is, it's actually very lightweight, which you can comfortably carry for outdoor projects. Moreover, the 24 volt battery will let you dispert even flow of the paint on the surface. There is also a 32 oz containing cup that can hold oil and water based solutions so that you can do multiple jobs with one paint gun.

Sun Joe 24v Battery Operated Paint Sprayer

With one charge, you can apply 3.2 gallons of paint. Sounds appealing, isn’t it? Then, you can also control the flow and choose the spray pattern you like. With one charge, you can run the spray gun for about half an hour. It's also a quickly recharging spray that won't delay your paint job at all.

Key Features 

  • Battery runtime 20 minutes.
  • Includes a 32 fl oz. container.
  • Battery power 24V-PS1 24-Volt.

What I liked 

  • Compact design.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Budget friendly price.
  • Features three spray patterns.
  • Suitable for small to medium projects.

What I did not like 

  • Needs to thinning latex paint.

5. Seesii 21v Cordless Paint Sprayer - Most Reliable

Seesii manufactures outstanding quality cordless paint sprayer that you can use for home improvement. It's an HVLP electric sprayer that you can operate with Makitas 18V battery. With this battery power, you will get a high volume air flow with smooth paint atomization. Moreover, the gun is designed to restrict overspray.

So, whether you paint inside or outside, you won't have to struggle with stubborn paint drops. Rather, you will get a smooth and fine finish as you desire. Then, this spray gun has an air filter sponge which helps protect the air gun from dust.

Seesii 21v Cordless Paint Sprayer

This way, your spray gun will have a prolonged life, especially the motor. Moreover, you can also easily disassemble it for easy cleaning and replacing the sponge. Nevertheless, with regular care and maintenance, you can use this spray gun for painting furniture, wall, ceiling, and so on.

Key Features 

  • Features 3 spray patterns.
  • Includes two copper nozzle.
  • Operates with brushless motor.

What I liked 

  • Professional paint gun.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Adjustable flow control.
  • Features three spray patterns.
  • Suitable for various application.

What I did not like 

  • Doesn't include the battery.

6. Litheli 20v Wireless Paint Sprayer - Best Performance

The 7th battery powered cordless paint gun is from Litheli. It's a 20V sprayer that you can comfortably use for interior and exterior painting. Just like any good quality paint gun, this sprayer also offers three different patterns and nozzles to use for multipurpose painting jobs.

The most important aspect of this sprayer is you will get a 4.0 Ah battery with a fast charger. It means you purchase a complete package and won't need to buy additional accessories. Since it's an HVLP sprayer, it will smoothly atomize the paint while significantly minimizing overspray.

Letheli 20v cordless paint sprayer gun

It's a crucial aspect because you will be able to reduce paint waste without creating a mess. Moreover, whether you paint a simple fence or an entire car, you will get a smooth finish compared to a conventional brush and roller. So, for home improvement or DIY projects, you can definitely consider purchasing this Litheli HVLP Paint Sprayer.

Key Features 

  • It contains a 20V battery.
  • Includes a 2.4 A Fast Charger.
  • It has a 1000 ml transparent container.

What I liked 

  • Features flow control knob.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Includes three patterns and nozzles.
  • Minimizes paint waste and overspray.
  • Suitable for home, garden, and DIY projects.

What I did not like 

  • May not work well with primer.

7. Lingyue 18v Cordless Spray Gun - Most Durable

If you are looking for a professional cordless paint gun, here is the one. The renowned brand Lingyue has launched this 18 volt handheld spray gun you can comfortably use for home improvement and outdoor projects. One of the best things about this gun is you can use it with Makita Battery.

So, it will not only be convenient for you but also will save your precious time.  Moreover, with this spray gun, you can apply primer, varnish, and even thick latex paint comfortably. Also, this spray gun is designed for painting multiple types of surfaces like cars, furniture, cabinets, etc.

Lingyue 18v Cordless Spray Gun

As you do so, you will experience noise free application, which is bliss. Then, this spray gun requires minimal maintenance. If you just keep it clean regularly, then you can expect it to have a prolonged life.

Key Features 

  • 800 ml container.
  • 18V battery power.

What I liked 

  • Flexible design.
  • Easy to install, use, and clean.
  • Ensures noise free performance.
  • Suitable for small to large surfaces.
  • Capable of working with various paints.

What I did not like 

  • Battery power isn't enough for large projects.

8. WANGMI Electric Cordless Paint Sprayers - Best Overall

Here is another multipurpose paint sprayer you can use for interior and exterior painting. It's from WANGMI. The spray gun comes with a powerful battery and fast charger, which will make any painting job time convenient.

The factor that distinguishes this spray gun from others is the copper nozzles. They are not only durable quality but also easy to clean. So, you won't have to worry about quality degradation; instead, you can enjoy painting with minimal maintenance.

WANGMI Electric Cordless Paint Sprayers

Moreover, with the nozzles and spray patterns, you can comfortably work on home improvement and DIY projects. Because the spray gun will ensure precision and large coverage simultaneously. If you run out of paint, don't worry! You can easily refill it within seconds and resume painting.

Key Features 

  • 4000 mAh battery.
  • 900 ml paint container.
  • Includes 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm nozzles.

What I liked 

  • Powerful battery.
  • Easy to use, refill, and clean.
  • It comes with a large container.
  • An optimal solution for home and DIY projects.

What I did not like 

  • Slightly heavy.

9. ETOOLAB HVLP Cordless Paint Sprayer - Most Recent

For the final cordless paint sprayer, I have chosen another powerful battery powered spray gun from Cacoop. It comes with one 3.0Ah batteries and a fast charger. So, whether you work outdoors or in any remote area, you can easily replace the battery and continue painting without any hindrance.

As you use this paint gun for mass painting to detail job, it will get it done quickly and efficiently. Moreover, no matter what paint you use, you can spray in any of the three patterns and get a smooth finish. Also, depending on the surface you paint, you can also adjust the flow speed and coverage area.

ETOOLAB HVLP Cordless Paint Sprayer

You just need to press the paddle switch from the spray gun head. And, press the trigger to fasten the flow rate. It's also an easy to maintain spray gun that comes with a cleaning kit. For any trouble, customer service is available. And their service is commendable.

Key Features 

  • Includes 3.0Ah battery.
  • Features heat dissipation vent for longevity.

What I liked 

  • Less prone to clog.
  • Includes 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm nozzles.
  • Features an adjustable flow rate.
  • Budget friendly painting solution.

What I did not like 

  • Not recommended for large projects.

10. MYTOP 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer - Most Powerful

When it comes to innovative tools for painting, MYTOP can be the name of a trust. They have been in this business for years and still hold a strong position in the market. Other than painting, With this 20 volt cordless paint gun, you can spray paint on anything you want, without any issues.

It has easy adjustment options and simple navigations. This is why you can use MYTOP cordless paint gun in any scenario to reap excellent results. It comes with a cleaner, a viscosity and three different spray ratio as well.

MYTOP 20v Battery Powered Paint Sprayer

Overall, it's a versatile spray gun most suitable for personal projects. If you have a DIY project, you can certainly consider purchasing it.

Key Features 

  • Features are adjustable and offer versatility
  • Allow three diverse spraying patterns.

What I liked 

  • Suitable for beginner as well as professionals. 
  • Package includes everything I need.
  • Features an adjustable flow rate.
  • Budget friendly painting solution.

What I did not like 

  • Not recommended for large projects.

What Are the Must Have Things to Consider Before Buying the Cordless Spray Gun?

Battery operated paint guns are blessings of modern technology. Not only can it efficiently paint any surface smoothly, but it also makes painting jobs easy for newbies. Moreover, it takes less time to paint and ensures a professional finish for any user. Knowing that I have spent 48 hours finding a suitable cordless spray gun for my project.

During the process, I found out some key factors that must have to any battery operated paint sprayer. Though there are versatile painting tools from paint sprayer cordless to corded, these features will help you select the one you require. Hence, I recommend you to look for them on the sprayer you choose, and you will be the winner.


There are different types of paint sprayers in the market. Hence, before you choose a cordless electric paint sprayer or battery powered airless paint sprayer, you should have a basic understanding of the types. No matter how versatile the features are in the spray guns, there are mainly three types of sprayers available such as HVLP, LVLP spray gun, and compressed.

For precise paint application with different paint thicknesses, HVLP is good. Then, to work with oil based paint, water based paint, or any other solvent, airless paint sprayers are the right fit. However, the compressor based paint sprayers for DIY projects, especially to work with wooden furniture.

Especially for cordless paint sprayers, there are two types HVLP and Airless. The HVLP cordless paint sprayers are budget friendly and suitable for small projects. Because they come with short battery life. Then, the battery powered paint sprayer that is airless works the best in large projects. They are fast and provide rapid coverage. Moreover, these sprayer guns are capable of using latex, epoxy, and even chalk based paint.

So, depending on performance, outcome, power source, and the kind of work you are going to do, choose the type of paint sprayer wisely.

Commercial vs. Home Use

There are a good number of cordless hvlp sprayers that you can use for small projects, business, and home improvement.

However, if you are looking for the best cordless sprayer, then it's better to choose one that is designed for a specific application. Because such special sprayers ensure sturdiness and safety measures. Hence, for professional use, its important to make a wise decision investing in the top rated battery powered paint sprayer.

Types of battery 

As you are looking for the best battery paint sprayer, you must know the types of batteries first. There are four types of battery that are used in cordless spray guns such as nickel-cadmium (NiCad), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium-ion, and lithium polymer. The NiCad battery is used for industrial jobs. Then, for a professional painting job, you need a highly efficient battery which is Lithium-ion.

They are lightweight and come in an affordable price range. Usually, the cordless paint sprayers run on 18V to 20V batteries. If the sprayer runs on a higher power battery, they usually offer additional advantages such as speed control.  So, pay attention to the battery type and its capacity while you choose.

Power output 

Generally, the power output in paint guns is expressed in amp or volt. The cordless paint sprayers run on 600 to 2000 wattage. To understand the power output, always remember the higher the watt is, the more powerful the device will be.


You must have been mesmerized by the versatile features of paint sprayers already. When it comes to versatility, it's always better to choose the paint sprayer that seems easy and convenient for your work. Some sprayers are designed to do the multipurpose job. Whereas, some are manufactured for specific purposes. Hence, decide what kind of sprayer you need and what are accessories it includes as you purchase.

Noise Level

Painting tools are noisy. And being exposed to too much noise can cause health risks too. Hence, while choosing a cordless or wireless paint sprayer, you must consider the noise level it makes. It's expressed with DB (decibels). Usually, the noise level under 85db is safe to use. Some of the exclusive battery powered hvlp sprayer comes with silencers as well. So, keep this feature in check while you purchase a spray gun.

Ease of Use 

The purpose of making a painting job digital with a power tool is to make this job easy and quick. Thus, you must choose a paint sprayer that offers easy operation and controlling settings. Also, it should efficiently complete the painting job in less time. Since cordless paint sprayers have limited operating time, check out how long the spray gun can paint with one charge. Recharging and replacing the battery must be easy too.


Since you are going for a cordless paint sprayer, you must choose the one that is lightweight. Otherwise, you might experience fatigue using the spray gun for a while. Usually, the spray gun weighs 10 pounds or less. So, choose the one that is compact, handy, lightweight, and easy to use and transport.

Paint Flow and Patterns

You might not have considered checking the paint pattern and flow. But, it's an important feature to check. The pattern impacts how the paint is delivered. You will see most of the paint guns come with a fan or conical pattern, which delivers a wide and narrow line. Also, most of the spray guns are capable of horizontal, vertical, and circular flow patterns. So, keep that in mind.

Nozzle Size

Depending on the material and size of the surface, you need to pick the right nozzle. Also, the correct nozzle size brings perfection to the painting output. Hence, if you are intending to use a cordless paint sprayer for versatile surfaces, then choose interchangeable nozzles. It will allow you to use multiple sizes of the nozzle on one machine. Also, remember that large nozzles can handle viscous paints.

Spray Tips

A paint sprayer with various spray tips makes it eligible to use for versatile jobs. So, it would help if you chose spray tips that you can use for different materials. The spray tips also deliver different flow patterns. So, it's an important feature, and you should remember to check it.

The Capacity of the Paint cup 

Don't forget to check the capacity of the paint cup. If it's too small, then you need to refill it repeatedly, which is a daunting task. So, make sure the paint cup is large enough to contain adequate paint so that you can comfortably complete the painting job on time.


A good battery paint spray gun with high maintenance is never going to make your job easy. No matter how easy a paint sprayer makes your painting job easy, the job itself requires time and patience to ensure perfection. Hence, you should always look for a spray gun that requires minimal and simple maintenance procedures.  It shouldn't have a complicated design. Otherwise, you will have a hard time cleaning and fixing the parts after every use.


Brand value does impact the quality of the paint sprayer. There are so many companies out there; however, all of them are not capable of ensuring quality and performance. Hence, it's always better to choose the best cordless paint sprayers from reliable brands as well as retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q) Why should you use a Battery-Powered Paint Sprayer?

Answer: First of all, a battery power paint sprayer is handy, portable and you can paint anywhere. The battery makes it an efficient tool. Since it does not require any power source, you can do simple or emergency jobs wherever you are. More importantly, it's a time saving tool that ensures a worry free performance to the painter.

Q) Which Cordless Paint Sprayer is the Best?

Answer: There are many cordless paint guns out there, and it's not possible to name one as the best. It also depends on the user which features they want in the paint gun. However, considering the must-have features, Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer 17M363 is a popular and high performing spray gun at present.

Q) Does the Paint Need to Be Diluted When Using a Cordless Paint Sprayer?

Answer: It mainly depends on the sprayer you use. However, the outcome of the paint depends a lot on the paint's consistency. In that case, you can always use a thinner to dilute the paint and get a balanced consistency.

Q) Is a Paint Sprayer Worth It?

Answer: Without any doubt, a paint sprayer saves time and energy for the painter. It also has some additional advantages that make them a popular choice over brush and roller. If you can choose the right paint gun for your project, then it's definitely worth it.

Q) Can I Put Water in a Paint Sprayer?

Answer: A lot of good quality spray guns require thinning. So, you can use water or thinning fluid to dilute the paint before using it. However, check if your spray gun is compatible to choose water based paint or not beforehand.

Q) How much paint can a cordless paint sprayer hold?

Answer: The size of the paint container will vary depending on the model of cordless paint sprayer. Some models have larger containers that can hold up to 1 quart of paint. While others have smaller containers that only hold around 0.84 quart of paint.

Q) How long does a cordless paint sprayer battery last?

Answer: The battery life of a cordless paint sprayer will vary depending on the model and brand. Some models can run for up to one and a half hour on a single charge, while others may only last for 30 min.

Final Verdict  

To sum up, painting is a laborious job. Hence, to make the job easy and time saving for DIYers to professionals, paint sprayers have been introduced. Now, you can use a battery operated paint gun on the go. So, when you choose the perfect paint gun for your project, make sure you check all the key features. Then only you can be satisfied with the outcome.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. We would be really happy to hear back from you.

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