The 10 Best LVLP Spray Guns to Buy | In-Depth Guide

You have heard about hvlp spray guns, but that's not for everyone. If you are a DIYer or looking for the perfect spray gun for home use, then having the best lvlp spray gun will save your time and money. Though it's a low volume low pressure spray gun, you can still achieve the desired finish once you master using it.

Having said that, it's not easy to find the most suited to this kind of reduced pressure spray guns amidst thousands of lvlp spray guns out there. You must pay attention to certain features to understand the quality and how well they can serve the purpose. Also there are versatile types of lplv guns you can easily get confused with. So, before you pick any random or the most popular lvlp paint gun, you must have prior knowledge about it.

Otherwise, you will end up investing your money in a product where you don't get the expected outcome. Moreover, with the right features and choosing the right lvlp spray gun, you can actually get a smooth and semi-professional finish while using the spray guns on vehicles, furniture, or art and crafts.

So, if you are eager to learn all about lvlp spray guns, then stay tuned. In this article, I am going to cover the key information which will lead to finding the ideal low volume paint sprayer you need. Not only that, but I am also reviewing 10 of the best lplv spray guns for you to choose from.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

Comparisons of 10 Best Lvlp Spray Guns

Are you in a hurry? And don't have the time to read all the products description? No worries. You can pick your desired best lvlp spray guns from the following table. I've made it look short and easier for your convenience.




Air Consumption

Max Pressure


# 1
Sprayit SP-33500 Low Cfm Spray Gun

2.4 to 3.3 CFM

60 PSI
# 2
Sprayit SP-352 Lvlp Paint Gun
4.2 to 6.0 CFM

 60 PSI

# 3
Astro EuroPro Forged Low Pressure Spray Gun

11.5 to 13.5 CFM

22 PSI

# 4
Astro Pneumatic Siphon Feed Spray Gun with Cup

7 to 12 CFM

 60 PSI
# 5
Atom X88 Infinity Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun

8 to 10.6 CFM

36 PSI

# 6
Dynastus 33 Lvlp Spray Gun Kit

7 to 12 CFM

40 PSI

# 7

9.7 - 10.2 CMF

50 PSI
# 8
Astro GF20S Lvlp Spray Gun

6 to 12 CMF

70 PSI

# 9
HIUHIU R500 LVLP Car Paint Spray Gun

3 to 3.9 CMF

51 PSI

# 10
Iwata 5552 Lvlp Spray Gun

9.5 CFM

40 PSI

The 10 Best LVLP Spray Gun Reviews

You must be wondering, there are many lvlp spray gun reviews out there already; what makes my review different. Well, being a crafting artist, I was looking for a low volume, low pressure paint gun that would not only give me perfection but also fit in my budget.

To tell you the truth, I was overwhelmed with all the amazing products and reviews that were leading me nowhere. Then, I began my own research to make a pathway and found the best lvlp spray gun for the money I ever wanted.

I have gathered so much knowledge and information about lvlp paint sprayers, and I don't want them to get wasted. Hence, I have decided to share them with you. Moreover, the products I have chosen to review are based on popularity, brand value, and necessary features. 

I am also going to present the strengths and drawbacks of each product for your help. As I know what you need and looking for, so you can rely on the information I am delivering with the intention to guide you towards the best low cfm spray gun you need.

1. Sprayit SP-33500 low cfm spray gun - Editor's Choice

Sprayit lvlp spray gun kit is one of the most popular low cfm spray guns at present. The reason why it's a hyped lvlp gun is it's build construction and performance. The spray gun comes with an aluminum body which not only makes it lightweight but also durable.

Moreover, it lets the user have full control for precise applications. The 120cc aluminum cup is easy to control the air pressure. So, you can easily adjust the spray pattern. Additionally, the fluid needle and nozzles are resistant to corrosion which assures an extended life of the paint gun.

Sprayit SP-33500 Low Cfm Spray Gun

Furthermore, the overall material and design make a great combination for home and outside use. If you are looking for an lvlp spray gun for automotive, furniture, or home application, then this SP-33500 is the one you need. You can also use it for lacquers, urethane, stain, enamel, and low viscosity paint.

What I liked 

  • Budget friendly price.
  • Designed with ergonomic handle.
  • Easy to use and control overspray.
  • Features maximum pressure 60 PSI.
  • Lightweight and durable construction.

What I did not like 

  • Not suitable to use in tight places.
  • Does Not provide proper instruction.

2. Sprayit SP-352 lvlp paint gun - Best Value

My second best low cfm spray gun is also from Sprayit. If you are looking for a handy mini lvlp spray gun, then this SprayIt SP-352 could be the one. Though it comes in a compact size, the material and overall construction assure sturdiness and durability.

It's lightweight and comes with an aluminum body and cup, which allow the user to apply paint easily and carry it for outside work. You can also easily control the air fan pattern and adjust the fluid. This feature makes it one of the best lvlp spray guns for automotive as automotive jobs require precise application.

Sprayit SP-352 Lvlp Paint Gun

Besides, this simple paint gun comes with an attractive design and features. Moreover, the needle nozzles are made of high quality material and durable as well. So you can expect it to serve for years. Overall, it's one of the best paint guns for small regions and precise work.

What I liked 

  • Outstanding design.
  • Suitable to work in tight places.
  • Strong and durable build quality.
  • It comes with rotating swivel cup.
  • Features work pressure 44-58 PSI.

What I did not like 

  • It might take longer period for wider application.

3. Astro EuroPro Forged low pressure spray gun - Most Reliable

For the third best lvlp spray gun, I have chosen EVOT14 from Astro pneumatic tool. This spray gun is known for its forged body construction. It's not only durable but also anodized to make it resistant to corrosion.

Apart from the outer body, the internal passage of the gun is also coated with durable material. Then, the needle and fluid tips are made of stainless steel material which will allow you to use the machine for a long time. Besides, regarding the performance, this spray gun is specially designed with an “air curtain” to minimize overspray.

Astro EuroPro Forged Low Pressure Spray Gun

So, if you are a new user, then you can easily use the gun having control in your hand. The soft trigger also minimizes the chance of fatigue. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, meaning the device has a slick finish, so after every use, you can easily and quickly clean it without any trouble.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Minimize overspray with an air curtain.
  • Features adjustable knob for precise application.
  • Sturdy body construction and durable internal coating.

What I did not like 

  • It belongs to an expensive category spray gun.

4. Astro Pneumatic Siphon Feed Spray Gun with Cup - Most Popular

If you are looking for the best lvlp spray gun for automotive, wood, home, or other projects, then check out the Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun. It's a lightweight, handy, and portable spray gun that will assist you in indoor and outdoor projects just how you want. Not only that, the gun is made of combining wood and aluminum material.

So, you can expect it to be durable and serve you for years. Moreover, you can use this spray for priming, glue, or even a heavy coat of paint. While this spray gun promises to be used for a versatile job, it's designed in a way that too much product won't get wasted.

Astro Pneumatic Siphon Feed Spray Gun with Cup

Another important aspect this spray gun has is it comes with a quartz cup and 1.8mm nozzle. The cup size is bigger than some of the regular spray guns. It can also work under 60 psi which is enough to work comfortably on wood, cabinet, industrial and marine jobs.

What I liked 

  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • It contains a large and spill-proof cup.
  • It can be used for multiple types of projects.
  • Compatible to use with primer, paint, and glue.

What I did not like 

  • Requires large air compressor.

5. Atom X88 Infinity Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun - Best Features

If you are looking for the best lvlp spray gun for automotive for professional use, then regular or multi-purpose spray guns may not give you the desired result. For professional use, you need professional quality and feature-based lvlp spray guns. Here I suggest to you one of the popular paint guns, the Atom X88 infinity.

The feature that distinguishes the spray gun from others is that it can evenly spray paints. Not only that, you can use this gun for solvent and waterborne paints as well. Hence, this gun comes with a 1.3 and 1.4 tip combination. So, you can use the one you require for precise application.

Atom X88 Infinity Low Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun

Nevertheless, with the split nozzle, you can also create a square and oval pattern. It will give you more coverage than regular spray guns. Furthermore, this spray gun can work under 20-36 psi with airflow at 10.6 CFM.

Besides the extraordinary performance, the gun is designed in an anodized color combination. The color coat is non-corroding so that you can use it casually without any worries of discoloration. Moreover, the packaging includes a large cup which is also made of durable material. So, undoubtedly, you are getting a great deal at the right price.

What I liked 

  • Professional build quality.
  • It comes with a large cup and two tips.
  • Suitable to work with solvent and waterborne paint.
  • Packaging includes GunBudd Ultra Lighting System.

What I did not like 

  • Belongs to an expensive category spray gun.

6. Dynastus 33 Lvlp Spray Gun Kit - Best Overall

Are you fond of DIY projects? Looking for a mini lvlp spray gun? Let me introduce you to this amazing paint gun best suited for DIYers. It's known for its high-quality performance and features.

Whether your project needs to work with latex or oil-based paints, this spray gun can do the painting job fine with any of them. Not only that, the spray gun has the capacity to support medium to large projects as well. You can easily use this spray gun for automotive, wood, or home purposes.

Dynastus 33 Lvlp Spray Gun Kit

The paint gun is designed in a way that it will protect the material from overspray. Therefore, you can comfortably paint the surfaces without any break. Moreover, as you purchase, you are also getting filtering and cleaning kits.

So, neither using the paint gun nor cleaning them will be a matter of headache for you at all. Nevertheless, the paint gun is made of aluminum material so that you can be certain about it's sturdiness. Overall, it's a professional quality spray gun best recommended for medium to large DIY projects.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Suitable for multiple types of surfaces.
  • Features adjustable fan pattern and control.
  • Assures precise application and minimize waste.

What I did not like 

  • User requires practice to paint varying surfaces.

7. InoKraft D1 LVLP Air Spray Gun Basic Kit - Most Accurate

Doesn't matter if the painting job is done occasionally or regularly; everyone wants a perfect finish with precise application. Knowing that the renowned brand Grex has designed this airbrush. This popular paint gun is suitable to apply primer, base paint, and even clear coating. If you don't want to miss such a versatile spray gun, then you must check out it's remarkable features.

To begin with, the spray gun is made of durable stainless steel material. Hence, it can withstand the pressure of large projects as well. Then, this spray gun is highly efficient and comes with a 1.3mm nozzle. Besides, you can also find various sizes of nozzles from them according to your requirement.


Moreover, to minimize paint spill, the spray gun comes with a 600ml cup with a lid. So, from top to bottom, the gun is designed in a way that the user has full control over it. Therefore, the user can easily control the speed and evenly spread the paint.

Even though the spray gun consumes low air, it doesn't lack in atomization. Without a doubt, you can expect super performance just as you would expect from a professional quality spray gun.

What I liked 

  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Designed for precise application.
  • Features sturdy nozzle and needle.
  • Strong and durable build construction.

What I did not like 

  • It seems a bit pricey.

8. Astro GF20S Lvlp Spray Gun - Most Recent

Here is another lvlp spray gun for you to compare. And it's again from Astro. It's a good quality spray gun for beginners.

Why? Because the paint gun is designed to consume less air. Not only that, the 2.0mm nozzle that comes with the gun lets the user have full control over atomization and output. Even though you may need to practice before using, after several attempts, you will master using the paint gun.

Moreover, you can use the spray gun for enamel, metallic, and urethane. No matter if you need the prime, clear coat, or heavy paint, this spray gun can do them all. Such a versatile spray gun must have durability.

Astro GF20S Lvlp Spray Gun

Thus, to ensure sturdiness, the spray gun body is manufactured with forged aluminum. It also has an air cap to assure long lasting performance. Then, to minimize spill and wastage, there is a nylon cup with a drip check. Overall, it's a good spray gun for the money. Would you like to try it for small projects? 

What I liked 

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Built with forged aluminum.
  • Ensures better control and performance.
  • Suitable to use primer, clear coat, and heavy coat.
  • Features drip check on nylon cup to minimize waste.

What I did not like 

  • Requires regular maintenance.

9. HIUHIU R500 LVLP Car Paint Spray Gun - Most Durable

Here is another lvlp air spray gun especially manufactured for automotive painting. If you have a car workshop or love to paint cars for projects, then you can check out it's features. It's one of the popular automotive paint guns in the current market.

The spray gun comes with a 1.3mm nozzle which is suitable for detail work. With this nozzle and gun, you can work on car body polish, varnish, or coating jobs. The spray gun has good atomization when it comes to coating or varnishing.

HIUHIU R500 LVLP Car Paint Spray Gun

Moreover, the gun comes with a 600ml gravity cup. Since it's a mini lplv gun, the combination of the gun, cup, and nozzle make it a compact size to carry for outdoor projects easily. It can also run under 10 psi which is an advantage for small or surface spraying jobs.

Also, it helps you to minimize overspray and reduce wastage. As you purchase this spray gun, you will get an organized box to easily store the equipment.

What I liked 

  • Features 600cc gravity feed cup.
  • Professional automotive spray gun.
  • The package comes with a storage box.
  • Suitable for water-based and middle viscosity paint.
  • It can be used for cement paste, lime slurry, lime, and waterproof mortar.

What I did not like 

  • Recommended for surface coating.

10. Iwata 5552 Lvlp Spray Gun - Premium Pick

For the final lvlp paint gun review, I have picked the famous iwata lvlp spray gun. The speciality of this spray gun is the LV technology which makes it an eco-friendly one, unlike most. Also, it helps to ensure fine atomization and low air consumption. Hence, you won't have to deal with overspray or paint wastage.

Moreover, the gun can operate at 9.5 CFM, which is a great deal considering the price. Then, you can use the gun with solvent or water based paint. Whether you need to paint the base or put on a clear coat, this Iwata 5552 is the right choice for you.

Iwata 5552 Lvlp Spray Gun

It also comes with a 1.4 nozzle which is good enough for precise application. Nevertheless, you can also create a tulip pattern, and it's also an essential feature to ensure less overspray. Finally, the construction of the spray is based on aluminum; therefore, durability is not a question at all.

What I liked 

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Belongs to a reliable brand.
  • Features LV technology for less overspray.

What I did not like 

  • A bit pricey.

What Are the Must Have Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lvlp Spray Gun? 

You must have already realized it takes hours of research to understand a product before purchasing. Still, there are a lot of chances to invest money in the wrong product if you don't know what you should be looking for. In most cases, we tend to prioritize one or two features while some other key features are forgotten along the way. Though most of the lplv spray guns have similar designs and functionality, there are some significant features you must pay attention to.


Before you purchase a low volume spray gun, you must think about the purpose first. Then only you can understand which spray gun you need depending on the project type. For instance, if you intend to paint a car, then you need to choose specifically the lvlp spray gun for car. Because there are lvlp guns out there varying the type of job.


There are two types of LVLP spray guns. One is conventional feed, and the other one is gravity feed. The conventional spray guns come with a cup at the bottom. At the same time, the gravity feed has a cup at the top. Compared to the conventional ones, the gravity spray gun seems more efficient. You can assure a high-quality finish with it as well. However, if you are a fan of the traditional way of painting, then go for the conventional spray guns.


Though durability is everyone’s prior preference, the material for a low pressure spray gun must be lightweight. You will find versatile spray guns, but aluminum material is best for personal and professional use. It will not only serve you for a long period but also be easy to handle and use.

Compressor Capacity

The lvlp gun comes with a compressor tank. With the compressor capacity, you can understand how quickly and efficiently it can paint. The higher the capacity, the bigger the compressor tank you will require.


Compared to HVLP spray guns, the LVLP guns are mostly low cfm paint guns. So, refrain from choosing high CFM as you are purchasing a low volume low, pressure paint gun.


The durability of an lvlp spray gun depends on the material and build construction. Compared to any other material, an aluminum based lvlp gun will be strong and durable. You can use this gun for years as well.

User Friendly 

If you are a newbie and looking for the top notch low pressure spray gun, then you must choose a gun that works in your favor. I mean, since you don't have much experience using an LVLP spray gun kit then, a simple designed and easy to operate gun will be beneficial for you. Not only that, but the control panel should also be easy to adjust so that you have full control in your hand while using the gun.

Simple Maintenance 

The operational mechanism of an lvlp or low volume low pressure spray gun is more or less the same. Here, you need to focus on one of the guns that are easy to handle and require minimal maintenance. If the maintenance process is complex, then not only is the gun prone to damage easily, but also it will consume time and money. Hence, for easy maintenance, you must choose a spray gun that has a simple design, easy to clean, and made of durable material.


To understand the performance of low pressure paint guns, you need to calculate the PSI. PSI stands for the estimated output pounds per square inch. With the PSI rate, you can understand whether the gun can handle the small or large project. The higher the rate, the bigger projects you can use it for. So, keep that in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which is better, HVLP or LVLP spray gun?

Answer: The HVLP and LVLP are designed for different types of projects. The HVLP spray guns are suitable for large projects and professional use. They are fast, effective, and deliver a professional finish. In contrast, LVLP guns are suitable for small projects. Though it takes a longer time to complete, you can still get a super smooth finish.

Q) What is the best LVLP spray gun?

Answer: There are hundreds of LVLP spray guns from many brands. It's not possible to name only one as the best as it also depends on what the user is looking for. However, according to my research, I think SPRAYIT SP-33100 is a high quality gun you can use for years.

Q) What is the best LVLP spray gun for the money?

Answer: Though it depends on the consumer’s discretion what kind of spray gun they require, there are a handful of spray guns where quality meets the price. According to my research and considering the price and features, SPRAYIT SP-352 makes a pretty good deal.

Q) What is an LVLP Spray Gun?

Answer: The LVLP sprayer is a low volume low, pressure paint gun. It's efficient to ensure a smooth and even finish on the material you spray on. This gun is best suited for small projects due to its low capacity compressor.

Q) Are there any disadvantages to using an LVLP spray gun?

Answer: The main disadvantage of using an LVLP spray gun is that it can take longer to apply the coating. Additionally, the low volume of air can make it more difficult to control the direction of the spray.

Q) What Are Some LVLP Spray Gun Applications?

Answer: A low cfm paint gun is usually good for small projects or items. Though you can use it for large projects, it will take a longer time to complete. Otherwise, the LVLP guns are used for automotive, woodwork, arts and crafts, marine, and industrial purposes.

Q) What are some tips for using an LVLP spray gun?

Answer: When using an LVLP spray gun, be sure to hold the gun at a consistent distance from the surface being sprayed. Additionally, move the gun in a steady motion to avoid creating uneven coats. Also, be sure to clean the gun after each use to prevent paint build-up.

Final Verdict 

To wrap up the review, I have presented the strengths and drawbacks of 10 of the best lvlp spray guns. I tried my best to discuss the important features and bring out the real factors of each product.

Now it's up to you which one you would like to purchase. But, before you do so, don't forget to check out the key features to qualify the quality and performance of your targeted lvlp spray gun.

Did I miss anything? please let me know on the comment section.

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