Find The 10 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers of 2024

Want to bring perfection to your painting job in less time? Then grab the best handheld paint sprayer now. It's way better, faster, and more comfortable to use than brush and roller.

But, how would you know which one is the best? It's certainly a challenging job, isn't it? When there are thousands of versatile hand held paint sprayers available, it's tough to make up the mind on one product. Also, spending hours on research and analyzing products are time consuming jobs too.

Don't worry! I have already done that for you. There is some outstanding quality hand held paint sprayers that are budget friendly, highly performing, and recommended by real users. Among them, I have chosen 10 best handheld paint sprayers to review. Thus, looking at the remarkable features, advantages, and shortcomings, you can choose the one that seems right for your project.

Additionally, I am also addressing some of the key features that will help you identify the one you need. So, keep reading the review and don't miss the additional details that come at the end of the article.

What Is a Hand Held Paint Sprayer and Why Do You Need It? 

Paint sprayers are a tool that helps to paint using a nozzle. Usually, the paint sprayers are categorized into two types. One is hand held, and the other one requires external power. Usually, paint sprayers with external power are highly efficient and often used for industrial purposes. Hence, these sprayers have all the operating machinery, such as compressor, pump, turbine, etc., separate from the spray gun.

However, the handheld paint sprayer has the operational motor and the paint container included with the spray gun. Moreover, the spray gun comes in a compact size which is lightweight and easy to use in one hand.

The user needs to press the trigger to activate the turbine or pump. Then, the paint will be atomized and released through the gun’s nozzle. The handheld paint sprayers generate power through an electric power source or battery. As this spray gun is super convenient and reasonable, DIYers love them the most.

You may have already realized why using a handheld paint sprayer is better than the conventional tools of painting. Besides being a compact and portable spray paint gun, it has some additional advantages to offer as well.

First of all, they easily fit in one hand. The size of a paint sprayer is similar to a hair dryer. So, you can comfortably use this tool without having fatigue in your hand. Moreover, they don't require much electric power. And for outdoor use, you can also use a rechargeable paint sprayer.

If you focus on the mechanism of the spray gun, the power unit is separately housed in the gun. Despite being small in size, due to this feature, this spray gun ensures fast delivery and is capable of working with medium to thick solvents. Moreover, this spray gun won't consume much space to store.

You can just store it in the car cabinet, cupboard, or inside the toolbox. Additionally, they are not only easily transportable but also come in affordable price ranges. Furthermore, you can get a handheld paint sprayer with versatile features from reliable brands as well. So, if you are a beginner at spray guns or own DIY projects, then you should definitely get a handheld paint sprayer that fits your budget.

Trust me! It's not rocket science to use a paint sprayer. Just fill the paint in the container, assemble the mains, and you are ready to paint. The best thing about having a handheld paint sprayer is you don't need any additional preparation and still manage to get the desired paint outcome no matter how good of a painter you are.

So, are you ready to grab a handheld spray gun? If so, then checkout the key features you should look for in it.

Comparisons of 10 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers

Are you in a rush? And don't have the time to read all the products description? No worries. You can pick your desired best handheld paint sprayer from the following table. I've made it look short and easier for your convenience.







# 1

3 Superior tips

39 Oz.
# 2
2 - .015
Reversible tips

42 Oz.

# 3

2 - .015

Reversible tips

32 Oz.

# 4
Wagner Spraytech

 iSpray Nozzle

1 - 1/2 Quart
# 5

5X Size Nozzles


# 6

4 Spray Nozzles


# 7

4 Nozzles

# 8
Neu Master

3 Nozzles


# 9

4 Nozzles


# 10

3 Nozzles


The 10 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer Reviews 

The handheld HVLP and portable airless paint sprayers are popular among professional painters and DIYers. Being a professional painter myself, I had to spend 48 hours researching the best features and quality that would facilitate my projects. After going through reviews and evaluating the aspects and performance, I could finally shortlist 10 of the best portable paint sprayers.

Each of them is hand-picked, and I am going to present the strengths and drawbacks from a neutral perspective. I am also addressing the key features simultaneously. So, you can have full trust in the review and choose the one you find suitable for your project.

Now, let's go straight to the review!

1. HomeRight C800971 hand held paint sprayer- Editor's Choice

HomeRight is one of the reliable brands that manufacture outstanding and innovative painting tools. One of their newest creations is the HomeRight C800971. Using this spray gun, you can complete multiple painting projects at a time.

Thus, it comes with superior brush spray tips, which are capable of painting on furniture to fences and walls. Not only that, you are also getting three spray patterns, so considering the size of the surface, you can ensure large coverage to precise application. Moreover, you don't need to thin out the paint before using it.


Because the spray gun can smoothly work with sealer, primer, chalk paint, milk paint, latex, enamel, stain, varnish, and polyurethane. With the turbine motor, you can get a smooth and even finish with the powerful spray gun. Nevertheless, it's also easy to clean and maintain, which makes it an ideal spray gun for small to large projects.

Key Features 

  • Includes a turbine motor.
  • Delivers 450 watts of power.
  • Features 39-ounce container capacity.

What I liked 

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for multiple projects.
  • It does Not require an air compressor.
  • Capable of dealing with all types of materials.
  • Features adjustable setting for flow control and spray pattern.

What I did not like 

  • Plastic body construction.
  • Recommended for indoor use.

2. Graco TrueCoat Portable Paint Sprayer - Most Reliable 

Graco makes the best portable paint sprayer for professionals. So, no matter if you are a hobbyist, DIYer, contractor, or a hard core painting professional, the Graco TrueCoat will meet all your demand. In fact, it's one of the best handheld airless paint sprayer.

How so? Well, it's efficient, fast, and ensures finesse. The spray is equipped with TrueCoat 360VSP, which makes this tool easy for all types of users. Moreover, this spray gun comes with reversible spray tips, a Flexliner bag, and a storage case. So, it's a complete package and comes with additional accessories.


Hence, you can use it for furniture, ceiling, wall, fence and what not! Then the most astounding factor of this spray gun is it's an easy operating system. Meaning, from amateur to experienced, all levels of painters can easily and comfortably run this spray gun.

In short, it's a handy spray gun you can use for small to medium projects. You can get the desired outcome at high speed and in less time. Besides, you can also use this spray gun for home use and workshop.

Key Features 

  • It runs on 120 Volt.
  • Features TrueCoat 360 VSP.
  • Piston pump built-in stainless steel.

What I liked 

  • Can paint in every direction.
  • SFeatures variable speed control.
  • Capable of using unthinned paint.
  • Recommended for multi-color projects.
  • It comes with additional tips and a storage case.

What I did not like 

  • Limited capacity 25 gallons per year.

3. Graco 17A466 Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer - Most Powerful

Here is another best portable paint sprayer from Graco. Just like the previous Graco sprayer, this paint gun is also designed for hobbyists, DIYers, and professionals. For any quick updates for interior or outdoor projects, you can use this Graco 17A466 spray gun whenever you need it.

The fact that distinguishes it from the other spray gun is it's an electric sprayer. As you already know, the best electric spray gun has some remarkable advantages. Using this spray gun, you can easily paint walls, doors, ceilings, sheds, decks, and so on. Thus, to cover diverse types of surfaces, it comes with reversible spray tips in different sizes.


This feature will help you paint in any direction and complete the job in less time continuously. Not only that, it has dual-speed control from low to high, which you can choose depending on the project you work on. Moreover, the spray gun piston pump is made of durable stainless steel material. So, you can expect to use it on a regular basis.

Key Features 

  • It runs on 120 volts.
  • Includes an 18 inches Power cord.
  • VacuValve technology for airtight system.

What I liked 

  • Fast and efficient.
  • Features dual-speed control.
  • Paint doesn't require thinning.
  • Capable of painting in any direction.

What I did not like 

  • Limited duty cycle.
  • Recommended for small touch ups.

4. Wagner 0529021 Portable Spray Gun - Best Choice

Are you looking for the best handheld paint sprayer for home use? If so, then check out this Spray tech 0529021 from Wagner. It comes with all the features that you need for home improvement.

To begin with, you need a lightweight and easy to use spray for an interior painting job. Thus, this spray gun is manufactured in a compact size that will easily fit in your hand. Then, the iSpray nozzles will allow you to paint the garage, wall, and ceilings. Even though it's designed for home improvement, the spray gun comes with a powerful motor.


Moreover, you can also easily adjust the speed from low to high while you use this gun. This will help you reduce the overspray while ensuring consistent coverage on the surface. Besides, you can easily clean this spray gun after use. You just need to disassemble the parts, clean, and rinse.

Overall, it's the perfect fit for users who love to paint their homes and furniture on their own. If you are one of them, then grab it before it gets stocked out!

Key Features 

  • X-boost turbine motor.
  • Covers 8’ x 10’ surface in 5 minutes.

What I liked 

  • Adjustable speed control.
  • Can work with unthinned paint.
  • It comes with a powerful pump.
  • Features innovative iSpray nozzle.
  • Ensures minimal overspray and consistent coverage.

What I did not like 

  • Creates noise.

5. Yattich Portable Spray Paint Gun - Best Value

Though Yattich is a new brand, they have launched this amazing portable paint sprayer for wood jobs. It's an HVLP spray gun that comes with a powerful motor and additional accessories that you would absolutely love. As you purchase, you will get 5 durable nozzles. You can use them for large to small surfaces wherever you need finesse and precision.

Moreover, you are also getting three spray patterns. So, you can choose the pattern you like to get even coverage in less time. Whether you are a beginner painter or a professional, you can still use this paint gun comfortably due to the flow control setting.


Besides, it's an electric spray gun that comes with a long 6.6 ft. power cord. Therefore, you can easily reach the small areas without having to move around with the paint sprayer. This spray gun is not only easy to use but also requires low maintenance. You just need to separate the parts and clean them after every use.

Overall, this spray gun is made with high quality materials. So, you can expect it to serve you for years.

Key Features 

  • Includes 6.6ft power cord.
  • Rear foam pad to remove clog.

What I liked 

  • User friendly design.
  • Resistant to dust and moisture.
  • Includes various sized nozzles.
  • Durable material and build quality.
  • Package includes paint cup, viscosity cup, lid, and cleaning accessories..

What I did not like 

  • It cannot be operated with a battery.

6. GoGonova HVLP Handheld Power Paint Sprayer - Best Features

Painting is fun when you get to do it with the powerful paint gun. Thus, to make your dream come true, GoGonova has introduced this superior HVLP spray gun that comes with a 700-watt capacity. Not only that, it some additional features that will blow your mind.

Despite its powerful spraying quality, the paint gun includes a 1400 ml paint container. It also ensures you paint large spaces comfortably in less time.  Then, to ensure flexibility and use the gun on different projects, the package includes five different sizes of the nozzle. Additionally, the gun offers a versatile spray pattern too.


In case you need to replace the container or straw at any point while painting or use a different color, there are extra containers and straws too. Then, to work with multiple projects, the spray gun comes with a long cord. So, you can easily reach distant areas standing in one position.

Though not many people would tell you about this spray gun, if you get it for home improvement and outdoor projects, you will be a gainer.

Key Features 

  • Big size paint tank.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Long 6ft power cord.
  • Includes a 700-watt motor.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Capable of using various paints.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Includes versatile nozzles and container cups.

What I did not like 

  • Price is a bit high.
  • Recommended for small projects only.

7. AOBEN 750W Handheld Electric Paint Sprayer - Best Budget

If you are in a hurry and looking for a quick fix portable airless paint sprayer, then you can check out this paint sprayer from Aoben. As I suggest for small fixing or painting jobs, this sprayer comes with 750 watt moderate power. However, the paint container is 1000 ml. So, with this capacity, you can use the spray gun continuously without any break.

Then, the spray gun includes four different nozzles. Hence, you can use them for different projects. Also, from large surfaces to precise application, every painting job is possible with these nozzles. Though the motor has average power, it can still ensure consistent paint and efficiency.


Besides, you can control and adjust the flow of the paint depending on the item you are painting. But, make sure you are around 200-300 mm away from the material. Nevertheless, the spray gun is easy to clean as well.

After every use, you just need to disassemble, clean with the cleaning brush, and assemble the parts again. The best part is you don't need any professional help to assemble or disassemble the paint gun.

Key Features 

  • 750 Watt power motor.
  • 1000 ml paint container.

What I liked 

  • Budget friendly.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Features adjustable flow control.
  • Quick assemble and disassemble.
  • Package includes cleaning bush, nozzle, filter, and funnel.

What I did not like 

  • Suitable for small jobs only.

8. Neu Master NSG0070 Handheld Spray Gun - Most Durable

Neu Master is one of the renowned brands for manufacturing innovative tools. Among their amazing production, the Neu Master NSG0070 has been so popular lately. So, if you are looking for an electric spray gun, then it's a good option to compare.

The most remarkable feature of this spray gun is it's 1200 ml canister. The volume is enough to cover a large surface without any break. Moreover, it includes three different nozzles so that you can use this one gun for versatile projects.


Then, you can also adjust the speed and choose the desired flow pattern. Through this adjustable feature, you can not only ensure a smooth finish but also minimize overspray. The best thing about this spray gun is its user-friendliness. This spray gun is also capable of using any kind of paint, which is an essential benefit you will enjoy.

Key Features 

  • 500W power motor.
  • 1200 ml detachable canister.

What I liked 

  • Three times faster than brush.
  • Suitable for versatile materials.
  • It comes with a high power torque motor.
  • Upgraded technology to minimize overspray.
  • Features spray pattern and adjustable flow.

What I did not like 

  • Average motor power.
  • It might require thinner for latex.

9. Batavia Portable Paint Sprayer - Best Overall

Here is another electric spray gun for home use. This paint sprayer is from Batavia which is a popular brand that has been manufacturing tools for years. Even though it's recommended for home innovation, it still has all the essential features that will ensure a smooth paint finish.

First of all, it's 1200 ml canister. The volume of this canister is so high that you can easily paint the wall, ceiling, fence, or cabinet in a few minutes. Besides, this spray gun can comfortably work with various materials like a sealer, stain, varnish, enamel, and so on.


For this reason, the artists and DIYers are fascinated by this spray gun. You just need to choose the correct nozzle and spray pattern to get a high quality finish. Not only is the spray gun user friendly, but it also has an ergonomic design so that you can comfortably paint any surface without fatigue.

Key Features 

  • Canister capacity 1200ml.
  • 4 nozzles - 1.5mm/ 2.0mm/ 2.5mm/ 3.0mm.

What I liked 

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to detach, clean, and store.
  • Features control knob for flow control.
  • Suitable for common home renovation work.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush, needle, canister etc.

What I did not like 

  • Works better for small jobs.

10. Tilswall Hand Held Electric Paint Sprayer - Most Recent

Last but not the least, the final best handheld paint sprayer is from Tilswall. It's another highly efficient paint sprayer that comes with a 800 watt powerful motor. The combination of the motor with a 1300 ml canister provides superior atomization and precision, which you always desire.

Moreover, the capacity is enough to paint the ceiling, fence, furniture, cabinet, and crafts break free. Depending on how large the surface is, you can also adjust the flow at your convenience. Thus, you can complete the painting job in less time.


Then, the spray gun comes with different nozzles. So, choose the right nozzle considering the paint thickness. Thus, you will get a smooth finish, and your spray gun will be safe from the clog. After you are done painting, you can easily detach the parts, clean, dry, and attach them again. So, it's a convenient and efficient spray gun you would always love to aspire to.

Key Features 

  • 1300 ml tank.
  • 800 watt power motor.

What I liked 

  • Horse power motor.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It comes with a long 9.84 ft. cable.
  • Features variable air pressure control.
  • Adjustable pattern with different nozzles.

What I did not like 

  • Some users may find this sprayer a bit complicated.

What Are the Must Have Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Portable Paint Sprayer? 

You must agree that it's important to look out for certain features in order to find the best hand held paint sprayer. Only this way you can make the right purchasing decision. Hence, here I am mentioning some of the must have aspects that should be present in the targeted hand spray paint gun you are intending to purchase.

Let's have a look at them!


If you have already searched about hand sprayer paint, you may have noticed three types of such guns available in the market. So, no matter how versatile the gun is, all hand spray guns fall into either three of these categories such as airless, compressed, and HVLP paint sprayers.

Handheld airless paint sprayers operate through air or gas. It's specially designed for detail and precise painting jobs. Hence, artists are fond of using this spray gun for arts and crafting projects. Whereas the compressed spray gun runs on compressed air. It's capable of painting large surfaces like walls, cars, etc.

Using this spray gun, you can get a smooth and even coat of paint. Though it may not be the ideal option of a paint gun for beginners, practice and beginning to paint slowly can bring optimum results.

Finally, the HVLP sprayers are widely used for furniture like cabinets, chairs, tables, cupboards etc. it's designed to ensure a detail finish. The high volume low-pressure mechanism with the nozzles can bring an even and precise finish. Hence, it's so popular spray gun among professionals.

Spray Pattern 

Usually, a paint hand sprayer offers three types of pattern: horizontal, vertical, and circular. Each pattern has a specialty in bringing even and detailed finish depending on the surface and coverage you desire. Hence, a spray gun with a pattern control feature would be a good choice as you choose from misty, wide, to small bursts of paint.

Paint Type

What kind of paint is best suited for the paint sprayer is another important aspect to pay attention to? Usually, most of the best handheld sprayers are compatible with using all types of paint. However, the performance would vary depending on the thickness of the paint. Also, it can create clogs on the sprayer too. So, while choosing the paint gun, make sure to check the paint compatibility of the spray gun beforehand.

Painting Surface 

What you want to paint is a crucial factor. Because some handheld airless sprayers and handheld electric paint sprayer are designed for specific surfaces. They are budget-friendly too as they can cover small areas. Compared to them, the versatile handheld portable spray gun can paint diverse areas. They also come with different sizes of nozzle, features, and control panel.

So, while choosing the best hand paint sprayer, make sure it's suitable to work on fences, gates, walls, furniture, floor, board, windowsills, canvas, etc.

Container Capacity

By knowing the container capacity, you will understand how long you need to use the paint gun to complete the job. Definitely you don't want to repeatedly fill the canister. It will be a hassle and kill a lot of time. So, if you are going to work on a large surface, then it's better to go for the large container capacity.

Having said that, also note the spray gun with a large canister will be a bit heavy. So, think about the application area, container capacity, and weight of the paint gun simultaneously.


As already mentioned, the spray pattern of the spray gun depends on the nozzle you use. Not only that, but it will also determine whether you can use thick or thin paint. If the paint is thicker than the nozzle, it will get clogged. The large size nozzles are good for thick paint. Whereas, you can comfortably work with thinner paint with medium to small nozzles.

Hence, it would be better if you choose a portable paint gun with different types of nozzles, then you can get a diverse pattern with an even finish.

Build Quality 

Since you are going to use a hand held sprayer, it would be better if you choose an ergonomic design, then, you won't have fatigue in hand. Moreover, painting is a time-consuming job; hence you need to get a paint gun that can withstand the stress. So, it must be made of durable material.

Also, check out the quality of the trigger. If it's difficult to press, you will have a hard time using it. It must be easy and comfortable to press so that the paint comes out easily.


You are going to hold the electric or airless handheld paint sprayer for a long time; it's better to get one that is easy to handle. The compact size sprayers tend to be lightweight compared to the bigger spray guns. However, if you get a bigger portable spray gun, then choose the one with wheels and handles.


You should always get a spray gun that has speed control. The spray paint must have at least two-speed positions- high speed and low speed. The speed will impact how fast the paint is released. The higher the rate is, the faster the paint will spray. So, for precise application, go for slow speed. Otherwise, go for a high-speed paint gun for large jobs.


The handheld paint sprayer comes in various sizes and features; thus, the price varies. The standard size quality paint sprayers come in $150 to $250. But, the bigger size handheld sprayers can range up to $400. You must know the big size sprayers are suitable for industrial purposes.


Some paint sprayers include all the necessary accessories, whereas some don't. Thus, the price will change depending on the items the sprayer includes. Though it's not a mandatory feature to think about, it's always an advantage. isn't it? Usually, the paint sprayers will include accessories like a cleaning brush, tips, and nozzles, container lid, storage box, viscosity cup, etc.


Q) Which Types of Material Can Be Used with Handheld Sprayers?

Answer: Usually, the handheld spray gun is capable of working with water-based and solvent-based paints. Besides, if the paint is thick, you can use a thinning element. Otherwise, the paint gun will get clogged.

Q) How to Reduce the Paint Flowing Out of My Best Handheld Sprayer?

Answer: Generally, most handheld sprayers have flow control. First of all, refer to the instruction manual to learn how to increase or reduce the flow rate. You just need to turn down the speed from the setting.

Q) What Is the Best Handheld Paint Sprayer?

Answer: As spray guns are used by DIYers to professionals, every painter has their own set of requirements. Hence, it's not possible to name one product as the best. However, according to my research, HomeRight C800971 is one of the highly recommended paint guns for its performance and quality.

Q) Can I Paint My Fence with a Handheld Sprayer?

Answer: Of course you do! However, you need to check out first whether your spray gun is compatible to do the job. If it can work with sealers, then you can get a quality finish.

Q) Do I Need a Compressor for a Handheld Sprayer?

Answer: Handheld sprayers run on turbine motors or hydraulic pumps. So, NO, you don't need a compressor to operate this tool.

Q) What is the best handheld paint sprayer for small projects?

Answer: The AOBEN 750W Paint Sprayer is our top pick for small projects. It’s a versatile and powerful machine that can handle a variety of different materials, including latex paints, primers, stains, and sealers. Also, this sprayer can be easy to transport and storage for its compact size.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, handheld paint sprayers are fast and efficient compared to the conventional way of painting. Now there are versatile paint sprayers available that, from beginners to professionals, everyone can paint comfortably. So, you can choose the one that fulfills your need and ensure an even finish. No matter which one you purchase, don't forget to check out the key features beforehand.

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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